Today in writing we used our imaginations to create stories. We had to try and use these words: pretend, adventure, enormous, abandoned and exciting. Here are some of our stories for you to read!

Pretend I am a pirate and I am going on an adventure around the world. But an enormous monster stopped me so I abandoned my ship. I found some treasure. It was exciting to find some treasure.

~ By Hayden              pirate


I was going to go on an enormous adventure but it was raining!

~ By Riley                        rain


I’m going on an adventure today! I saw an enormous ship and it was abandoned. I pretended to be a pirate. It was exciting. I found a starfish and treasure!!! I found a castle. I slept there and I became a princess. I asked for dessert. I asked for my crown and I asked for my make-up. I love adventures.

~ By Bonnie                  castle


Today Grug is going on an adventure. He will have to go on a ship. The ship is sinking. He will need to abandon the ship!

~ By Aiden                                        grug



~ By Jurxhin and Dylan

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