Counting By 10s

At the minute in JAS, we’re learning about counting by 10s. Here’s a video you can watch at home, sing along to and practise counting by 10s!

JAS Blogging Guidelines

Whenever we are in an online environment, it is extremely important that we act in a way that is safe four ourselves and for others. The guidelines set out below are in place to keep students safe so that they can enjoy blogging and learn valuable skills at the same time.

  1. Students first names, photos, video and school name may be included in the blog. (as long as permission has been given)
  2. Personal information such as surnames, addresses, email addresses, date of birth or anything similar will NOT be included on the blog.
  3. Any posts that are written by students are checked by the teacher before they are published and appear on the blog.
  4. All comments are also teacher approved.
  5. Students will be encouraged to comment on other students or class blogs with teacher or parent supervision.
  6. All students must have parental permission to comment or post on the blog as well as for their photos to be used on the blog.
  7. Any parents who leave comments are also asked to leave off any surnames. For example they could refer to themselves as “Tom, Deon’s Dad”
  8. All comments must be respectful.
  9. All work is to be original there will be no copying of material without permission.


Some Dates for You Diaries!


Here are some dates for you to put in your diaries about upcoming events this term.

Friday 20th February – Harmony Day (whole school assembly at 2:15pm – all parents and families welcome)

Tuesday 24th February – Bravehearts Performance

Friday 26th February – Assembly

Monday 9th March – Labour Day Public Holiday

Friday 13th March – JAS Performance at assembly (2:15pm)

Thursday 19th March – Responsible Pet Program Visit

Monday 23rd March – Grandparents Day (9am – 11am – all Grandparents or special friends are invited to join us)

Thursday 26th March – Last Day of Term 1 for students.

– Parent/Teacher Interviews

Friday 27th March – Parent/Teacher Interviews

Reading Strategies to Use at Home With Your Child

Reading Prompts (for when your child is stuck on a word):

  1. Try that again
  2. Look at the picture
  3. What sound does the first letter make?
  4. Check it! Does it look right and sound right to you?
  5. Try reading the sentence quickly
  6. Have a guess! Does that look right and make sense?

Remember to make reading time a fun time!

The more you read, the more you know. The more you know, the more you grow.


Questions to Ask Your Child About a Book – from easy to hard!

Level 1

What is it?

Show me a…

Find one like this…

Level 2

What is s/he doing?

Tell me its… (colour, size, shape etc)

Where is… in the story?

What things… (can fly)?

Level 3

Retell the story.

Find one that is… and…

How did they (make the cake?)

What could s/he say or be thinking?

What will happen next?

What else… (flies)?

Level 4

What would you do if… ?

Why can’t we… (swim in the pool)?

What could s/he do?

What made it happen?

How can we tell… (it will rain)?

Why will … (she have to go)?

Why wouldn’t … (the boy run)?





This year, our buddy class is Mr Bush’s Grade 4 class. We have been spending time getting to know our buddies and we are very excited that each week, we will be able to spend some time reading books with our buddies. Buddy reading will be happening each Tuesday just before lunch. This is a great time for us to enjoy reading books with our buddies and talk about what we’ve been reading.

Here are some pictures of all of us with our buddies for 2015!

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