Today in writing, we put on our creative hats and had a go at doing some speed writing. We were given a topic and had 5 minutes to write as much as we could. Here are our favourite pieces.


I went to see the pirates ship and I went with my mum and dad.

~ Azariah

One day there was a pirate. He loves to find lots of treasure. He loves to sail the seas. He has lots of jewels. He finds lots of treasure maps and finds the x mark spot on the islands.

~ Micah

Pirates like to eat vegies and they like to eat carrot.

~ Skylah

There are words about pirates: treasure, naughty, steal, gold, ship, skeleton, flag, telescope, map, parrot, cabin, window, box, sea and hat. P I R A T E S!

~ Sophie

When I grow up I want to be a pirate and I want a crew. I want a ship made of gold. Argh! We want to find a treasure chest. I want a ship.

~ Daniel

I like pirates because they’re big and noisy. Doors always bang when pirates open them. Some have hooks on their hands.

~ Jhett

I love pirates. Pirates love gold and money. Pirates love treasure.

~ Emily

In the 26 Story Treehouse there is a pirate called Captain Woodhead and he tries to capture them. But the Golzowow eats him for tea and the sharks help Golzowow. They don’t even have to take him there. His head has got all sorts of mouldy stuff on it.

~ Molly

A pirate lived in a boat. He found treasure in a chest. it was underground. the next day he was floating in the water.

~ Hayden

pirate 3


I have a best friend. His name is Xeven. At lunchtime, I am going to play with him and I am going to play races with him. I am also playing with big Hussain. I will play with him too.

~ Archer

Friends are nice because they play with. Tegan and Lilly play with me. They are friendly to me. They help me tot. It is nice to help.

~ Rhianna

My friends are named Rhianna, Lilly and Olivia. They are my bestest friends.

~ Tegan

They play together. They are friendly to each other. They play at each other’s houses.

~ Abigail

I love my friends and they love me. They help you.

~ Noah

I like friends because they help you if you’re hurt and they come over for play dates and sleepovers.

~ Lilly

I love my friends because they are friendly and they help me. My friends are Archer and Noah. I knew Noah since I was a little baby.

~ Chelsea

My friends are Ethan and Cain and Archer and Sean.

~ Brody

I have a friend. She moved to Sydney. I am her best friend. I hope she comes here quickly because I want to see her soon.

~ Ishmeet

Friends play together. It is fun. They always be together.

~ Samuella

I like my friends Ethan and Brody and Sean.

~ Cain

Friends play with the balls.

~ Anthony


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