Happy Holidays and Easter!

I would like to wish all JAS students and families a wonderful and safe holiday and a great Easter! I hope Easter bunny finds you all and I look forward to hearing all about your holidays when we come back next term!


Miss Symons


Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Today was Grandparents and Special Friends Day. We were able to bring along our Grandparents or special friends to school with us. Here is some of our writing about Grandparents and Special Friends Day and a short video with some pictures of our morning.


Today was Grandparents Day. My mum came to school. This morning we played maths games and we played other games. Also, we made necklaces.

~ Abigail

It was Grandparents Day. I had a good time. We played games. I drew a picture of my Nan and Pop. It was lots of fun. I read a book to my Nan and Pop too.

~ Rhianna

Today was Grandparents Day at school. My Nan and I played maths games. We counted the numbers together.

~ Tegan

At Grandparents Day, which was today, I did not have a grandparent come. But I did have my Grandparent’s cousin. We read together and the book we read was called Barbie. Most of the time my special friend and I threaded beads on the string. My special friend’s was called Narelle. Mum, Ella and I took her over to the hall. All of us had fun.

~ Molly

Today it was Grandparents Day. We played games. We played maths games. After Nan and I played the maths games we drew pictures. It was fun.

~ Lilly

Today it was Grandparents Day. My Nan and Pa come to school. We made some drawings. After that we played games and we also made necklaces with beads. We had fun! Then we took our grandparents to the hall. It was great!

~ Sophie

Today I had Grandparents Day. There were lots of people. My Grandma played lots of games. I played Odd Todd and Even Steven and card games. It was very fun.

~ Micah

Today it was Grandparents Day. I brang my Pop and Nan. We drew pictures. Hayden and I made Easter Bunnies. Well, then my Pop and my Nan went to the hall and they had morning tea.

~ Daniel

Today my grandparents came into the classroom. We played maths games and did a jigsaw puzzle.

~ Brody

Today we had Grandparents Day. We played maths games and drawing games too. There were necklaces with beads that you put on them. My Nan and Pop came to class today. I showed them around the classroom. They saw my family tree and my drawing of me hanging up.

~ Hayden

Today our grade had Grandparents Day. Lots of grandparents came and my mum came to visit the classroom. We played games.

~ Azariah

Our Assembly Performance

On Friday 13th March, JAS performed at assembly. They all did a fantastic job and it was great to see so many parents there to watch and support the students. For those who couldn’t make it, here’s a video of the performance for you to enjoy!

Odd and Even Numbers

Today in Maths we learnt about odd and even numbers.

An odd number has a 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 in the ones place (at the end of the number).

An even number has a 2, 4, 6, 8 or 0 in the ones place (at the end of the number).

Here’s a little video you can watch to help you learn odd and even numbers.

We are having a competition. Can you say if the numbers below are odd or even? Write your answers in the comment box and you could win a prize! The competition ends next Wednesday 25th March! Good luck!

1. 6

2. 5

3. 24

4. 47

5. 193

6. 348

7. 25,370

8. 31,972

9. 54,891

10. 321,456,987,123

Fill Your Bucket Song!

Next Friday, 13th March, JAS will be performing a song at assembly. It would be great to see as many family and friends there to cheer the kids on!

Here is a video of the song so the students can practice at home!

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