Healthy Lunchboxes

Today we had to make our very own healthy lunchboxes. We talked about what foods are healthy foods that help our brains to work at their best – fruit, vegetables, yogurt, fruit muffins, cheese and biscuits. We also know that healthy food helps us to make our lunchboxes rubbish free as they often don’t need to be wrapped in anything. If they do need to be wrapped, we can put them in containers that we can then take home and reuse to help keep our school neat and clean.

In our lunchboxes we had to have a least one piece of fruit or vegetables. We also had to keep the unhealthy foods to just one treat! Here are the photos of us with our healthy lunchboxes.


Friends of 10

In Maths this week, we have been learning about the friends of 10. Friends of 10 are 2 numbers that make 10.

Here are all the friends of 10!

friends of 10


A fun game you can play at home is ‘how many are missing’. To play, you will need 10 objects and a partner. One at a time, one person covers their eyes. While they are doing this, their partner has to hide some of the objects. When they’ve done this, the person covering their eyes can open them and try and guess how many are missing by using the friends of 10 to help them.


Here is also a little video you can watch to help you learn the friends of 10!

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