The Dreadful Fluff

Today in reading we watched the trailer for Aaron Blabey’s book The Dreadful Fluff.

After watching it, we had to use the clues in the trailer to predict how the story would end. This is what we came up with and we were pretty close! To find out what really happens, you will just have to read the book for yourself.

Aaron Blabey


This week in reading we have been doing an author study on Aaron Blabey. Aaron is an author and illustrator who writes and illustrates great books for kids. All his books have a great moral to them and are very fun to read.

We have read 5 of his books: Pig the Pug, Thelma the Unicorn, The Brothers Quibble, Pearl Barely and Charlie Parsley, and The Dreadful Fluff.

pig-the-pug thelma-the-unicorn the brothers quibble pearl barley and charley parsley the dreadful fluff

Below are our recommendations and opinions on which Aaron Blabey book is our favourite and why!

National Simultaneous Reading Time

This year’s book for National Simultaneous Reading Time was Aaron Blabey’s The Brothers Quibble. We watched Aaron read his story with our buddies this morning before having a go at making friendship bracelets together. Below are both the story, which you may like to enjoy listening to again, and the video on how to make friendship bracelets, so you can have a go at making them at home. Enjoy!

Junior School Production Tickets

This is a reminder that pre-sale of tickets for the junior school production will end this FRIDAY 22nd MAY! We have allocated 4 tickets to each junior school family so if you would like to purchase these tickets and ensure you are able to come and see the amazing show, you need to do so by FRIDAY! From Monday, any tickets not sold will be open for anyone to purchase so if you haven’t organised tickets in time, you may miss out. A reminder note was sent home today so please check your child’s back for it.


Buddy Excursion Tomorrow!

Just a reminder that we have our buddy excursion to the Shepparton Library tomorrow. We are leaving here at 9:45am and all students need to have returned their yellow permission notes. Everyone needs to make sure they wear comfortable shoes to walk in as well as warm clothes. If they have a rain jacket or umbrella, they can bring that along as well just in case the weather isn’t very nice. We will be having recess down at the all abilities playground so all students need to make sure they have something packed to eat. It is also recommended that they bring along a drink bottle with water to drink.

Also, for any students who are members of the Shepparton Library, it they would like to bring along their library card tomorrow so they can borrow some books, they are more than welcome to.


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