This a friendly reminder that all swimming permission notes and payments need to be made to the front office by this Friday (26th June). We are going to be going swimming the first week back of school next term (Monday 13th July) so students will need to remember to pack their swimming gear on the first day back as well!


Our Production

On Thursday we are going to Eastbank  for our production song. I hope it will be good because we are going on stage. Grade prep, 1’s and 2’s are doing it.

By Tegan

Final Notes and Reminders for the Production!!!

It is almost show time! So here are some final notes for you about what will be happening on Thursday.


On Thursday, we will be leaving school at 9:30am to head to Eastbank and we’ll be there all day, returning to school at about 3:00pm. Students will need to make sure they have a packed lunch and   plenty of water.

On Thursday evening, all students will be expected to arrive at Eastbank at 5:30pm in casual clothes. They will then change into their costumes (black pants and coloured top) at Eastbank! This is just so no costumes go missing between Thursday’s  rehearsal and the evening performance.

You will need to drop off your child at the front entrance and someone will be there to take them through to the function room. At the end of the show, one parent is allowed to come and collect your child from the function room. That person will need to make sure you see me before taking their child, just so I can make sure everyone gets home safely and  no-one goes missing.

Students are allowed to bring along a drink (water only) and a small snack on the night but they will need to eat an early dinner before coming to Eastbank so they’re not too hungry and they have plenty of energy for the performance.

There will be 2 photographers taking photos on the night so we ask that there is no flash photography during the performance as it can distract the students on stage. The performance is also being filmed by Master Video Productions. The DVD of the show will be available for students/families to buy for $15. There will be an order form for these in the program as well as order forms sent home before the end of term so keep an eye out for them.

If you have any other questions or queries, please come and see me. Otherwise, from what I’ve seen this week in rehearsals, it promises to be a great show!


Lilly’s recovery

I just wanted to let you all know I’m doing much better and am looking forward to coming back to school and playing with all my friends. =) Lilly

Finding Nemo

finding nemo3

This week in Reading, we looked at how texts can be represented in different forms: book and movie. We watched the movie and read the book of Finding Nemo and came up with a list of things that were the same for both and things that were different. There were a lot of similarities between the book and the movie but we did notice that the book doesn’t have as much information or as many problems and solutions in the story as the movie did.

To show what we found out about comparing the two forms of text, we represented the information in a paper plate Venn Diagram. Here are some photos of the finished products!

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