This week JAS participated in swimming lessons down at Aquamoves. I would like to say a huge thank you to the following parents: Karamjit, Darren, Alban, Elida, Tanya, Lucy, Grace, Leah, Belinda and Ann, who helped to change and dress the students during the week. Without your help, the week would not have run as smoothly or as quickly and I really appreciated the extra hands!

Here is some of the students’ writing about their swimming experience and some pictures of them in action!

At swimming yesterday I did torpedo. And I used a kick board. It was fun.


This week we have been swimming at Aquamoves. I do my lesson in the pool. I love  Aquamoves. At swimming I have a kickboard.

~ Archer

I love swimming. I still am focusing on floating but I will get better. We are swimming all week.

~ Chelsea

Today we are going swimming at Aquamoves. We will float in the water. We will swim in a warm pool.

~ Hayden

I went swimming at Aquamoves. They have kickboards. We play in the pool. We float.

~ Lilly

This week we’ve been going swimming. At swimming I practise using a kickboard. I did a torpedo. I can swim under the water. It was so much fun.

~ Micah

On the first day of swimming, I only learnt about backstroke! But, on the second day, I did lots of pin drops. We also did lots of step ins. We did the pin drops and step ins in the deep end. When we did pin drops, I touched the bottom.

~ Molly


This week we have been doing swimming. I am in the big pool. I am good at torpedo and backstroke. I can float.

~ Rhianna

This week we have been going to Aquamoves to learn to swim. I am not a good swimmer but l am learning to swim. I have used noodles and also kick board.

~ Tegan

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