Today in Inquiry we made some playdough. Here is the recipe for if you’d like to make some at home:

You will need:

1 cup of plain flour

2 tbs of Cream of Tartar

1/2 cup of Salt

1 cup hot water

1 tbs oil

Food dye


To make the playdough, put the flour, cream of tartar and salt in a bowl. Mix the hot water, oil and food dye together in a separate bowl before you mix it with the dry ingredients. Stir the mixture until it is all mixed together and then use your hands to knead the playdough. Now your playdough is ready to use!

Here are some pictures of us using the playdough:

IMG_0887 IMG_0888  IMG_0890IMG_0889

Here are some other projects that are happening in JAS during inquiry:

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