Book Week!

Today we had our Book Week dress up day. It was great to see everyone dressed up as their favourite book character. To start off the day we had a fashion parade where the whole school got to show off their costumes. Here are some pictures of us all. Can you guess which book characters we are?


Student Absences

This is just a friendly reminder that if your child is away from school, could you please send along a note explaining their absence. This note allows me to update our roll with the reason why your child was away and will mean you won’t receive and unexplained absences letter at the end of the month!

Thank you!


Real Independent Reading!

In Reading this week we have been talking about what Real Independent Reading is and this is what we came up with.


Real Independent Reading is…

1. reading Just Right books.

2. reading books we are interested in.

3. reading on your own.

4. reading for the whole time.

5. reading quietly to yourself.

6. reading all the pages and looking at the pictures, not just flipping through the pages.

7. sitting in a place by yourself.

8. practicing your reading goal to get better at reading.

9. not day dreaming or staring off into space.

10. using your imagination when reading.

11. fun!

Have a look at the students in JAS who are reading and see if they are doing these things and being super readers!

Friends of 10 and Subtraction

Today in Maths we looked at how we can use the Friends of 10 to help us with subtraction. Below are some fun activities you can do at home to practice your friends of 10.

1. How many are missing? To play this game you need a partner. Place 10 items in the middle and take it in turns to one at a time, hide some of the items. The other person has to look at how many are left and guess how many were taken using their friends of 10 facts.

2. Speedy Friends – Make cards with the numbers 0 – 10 on them. You can do this activity with or without a timer. Shuffle the cards and then turn one card over at a time. As quickly as you can, say the friend of 10. If you time yourself, see how quickly you can say all the friends of 10.

3. Go Fish – This game is just like the original game of Go Fish but instead of asking for cards that are the same, you need to ask for the friend of 10 and make pairs of the friends of 10.

Cyber Safety Talk

cyber safety

On August 31st, Bourchier St is running an information session about the BYOD program as well as a Cyber Safety talk.  The talk will kick off at 5pm with the BYOD info session and then at 5:30pm will be the Cyber Safety talk. It would be great to see lots of families coming along to both sessions, but particularly the Cyber Safety talk as we are currently looking at Cyber Safety in the class and it would be great to see families supporting this by coming along so you can have discussions with your child about it.

A note went home last week with a slip at the bottom for you to return if you are coming, just so we have an idea of numbers. If you would like to attend one or both of these sessions, please make sure you fill it out and bring it back to school. Alternatively, you can register that you’re coming online at, down the bottom of the webpage.

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