Today in Maths we looked at how we can use the Friends of 10 to help us with subtraction. Below are some fun activities you can do at home to practice your friends of 10.

1. How many are missing? To play this game you need a partner. Place 10 items in the middle and take it in turns to one at a time, hide some of the items. The other person has to look at how many are left and guess how many were taken using their friends of 10 facts.

2. Speedy Friends – Make cards with the numbers 0 – 10 on them. You can do this activity with or without a timer. Shuffle the cards and then turn one card over at a time. As quickly as you can, say the friend of 10. If you time yourself, see how quickly you can say all the friends of 10.

3. Go Fish – This game is just like the original game of Go Fish but instead of asking for cards that are the same, you need to ask for the friend of 10 and make pairs of the friends of 10.

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