Compound Words!

Today in spelling we learnt about compound words. Compound words are when you take 2 words and put them together to make 1 word. Here’s a video you can watch and sing along to to help you learn some compound words.

I would like everyone to share a compound word you know in the comments below. Let’s see how many compound words we can think of!!!!

Athletics Sports


Don’t forget that  TOMORROW (Friday 11th) is our Whole School Athletic Sports Day. This will be held McEwan Reserve with the senior and middle school starting at 9:45am and the juniors starting at 11:30am.

Junior school students will be leaving school at 11am and returning in time for lunch. We do ask that there are no lunch orders on this day, in case we are running late in returning to school. We would also like to see all students with a drink bottle full of water to take with them as the weather is promising to be lovely, sunny and warm so it is important they stay hydrated!

The students are allowed to come dressed up in their house colours but we do ask that they wear suitable footwear for participating in sporting events.

Parents are welcome to attend and I know the students would love to have you there!

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