Fruity Friday

We are on cutting up fruit for fruity Friday this week (Friday 18th September). So if there are any parents who can hang around on Friday morning to help cut up fruit, it would be much appreciated!


Our Trip to IGA

On Tuesday JAS went to IGA. We bought some groceries for our Grade 1 market. We are making chocolate balls, mars bar slice and fruit kebabs.


For the chocolate balls we had to buy cocoa, coconut, condensed milk, a packet of Marie biscuits, Copha, vanilla essence and patty pans.


The mars bar slice group had to buy rice bubbles, mars bars, butter, a block of milk chocolate and serviettes.


To make the fruit kebabs, we had to buy pineapple, skewers, grapes, strawberries, plates, rock melon, blueberries and watermelon.


Tomorrow we are going to be doing some cooking and making Mars Bar slice and chocolate balls. Then on Thursday we are going to make the fruit kebabs. We will be selling the food to our parents at our Grade 1 market on Thursday. We will be selling the fruit kebabs for $2, the chocolate balls for $1 and the Mars Bar slice for $1. If you’d like to come along, we’d love to see you from 11:30am on Thursday.


Cooking for Grade 1 Market

JAS will be doing a big cook up on Wednesday in preparation for our Grade 1 Market on Thursday. We would love it if any parents who are free between 11:30am and 1:00pm could come along and give us a hand. We will be cooking in the staff room so if you can come along, we’ll see you then!


Athletics Day Champions!

Congratulations to Brody and Samuella for being chosen as the Grade 1 boy and girl champion for the Athletics Day. You were chosen for your sportsmanship and participation on the day. Well done! I would also like to congratulate all JAS students for their participation on the day. It was a great day and I enjoyed seeing everyone having a go at all the activities.


Ordering a Lunch Order

In Maths we have been busy learning all about money. We use money all the time and one of the most common places we use money at school is to order a lunch order. So today in Maths, we had a go at writing out a lunch order and placing the right amount of money on the bag. We had lots of different lunches ordered for lots of different amounts. We then got ourselves in a line in order from cheapest to the most expensive. Here is a short video which shows how much we each spent.

All the students did a fantastic job and could now help you with writing out and choosing the money they need for any future lunch orders!

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