Russell The Sheep

We have been working on reading fluently. Fluent readers read smoothly in phrases, use expression and put on character voices for different characters. We have been reading the story Russell the Sheep in class and we decided to make a video of us reading the story.

You can check it out here and see how we went with reading fluently.


Mr Poole’s Farm Visit

Tomorrow we are off to visit Mr Poole’s  farm. Here are some important reminders to remember for tomorrow.

We will be leaving school at 12:00pm and having lunch at the farm so it is very important all students have a packed lunch and it would be great if all lunches could be rubbish free so there is no rubbish left on the farm.

All students are encouraged to wear gumboots or old shoes that could possibly get muddy as there has been some rain lately and it is likely there may be some muddy spots on the farm.

We will be returning to school about 3:00pm, in time for the end of the day.



Fairy Bread Fractions

Last week in Maths we were learning about fractions. A fraction is when you break a whole up into equal parts. To practice making fractions, we made some fairy bread and had to cut them into halves and quarters. To cut the into halves, we cut the piece of bread into 2 equal pieces. To cut the piece of bread into quarters, we had to cut it into 4 equal pieces. After we had cut them up, we got to eat them.


Oi or Oy

Today in spelling we looked at words that have oi and oy in them. We noticed that most words with the sound in the word have oi (except for names) but if it’s at the end of the word, we use oy. Below are some words that have the oi or oy sound in them.

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