Singing in Phrases!

Today we were practicing reading in phrases. It was lots of fun, especially when we got to turn books in to songs. When we sing, we sing in phrases so we thought it would be fun to try and sing our books to help us with phrasing. Some people were brave enough to share their books with the class and have let Miss Symons take a video of them to share with you all. Enjoy!


Donation to GV Health

Last term we raised $203.75 at our Grade 1 market. All the Grade 1s voted on which charity to send our money to. We decided to donate it to Goulburn Valley Health because it is a local hospital and lots of us have been there before.

Today, Carmel from GV Health came along to our Grade 1 meeting so we could give her the money we raised for the hospital. She told us that our money will be used to buy two new asthma machines that will be used in the kid’s ward.

We would like to thank all the Grade 1s for raising the money by cooking lots of yummy food and the parents and friends who came and bought our food. There will be children who now benefit from the new asthma machines thanks to you.

Junior Dance Showcase

On Thursday 22nd of October, the Grade 1 students will be putting on a dance showcase in the hall to share the dances that they have been working hard on learning during term 3 and 4. Parents are invited to attend and I know the students would love to have you all there, so please pencil this in your diaries. The dance showcase will begin at 12:20pm and go for about an hour and will be held in the hall.

We hope to see you then.


Ordering Numbers

Today in Maths we had to order some numbers that we made yesterday.

1. To order numbers the first thing you have to do is you have to check what the highest place value is, for example the highest place value for the number 2,345 is thousands, but the number 657 has a highest place value of hundreds.

2. Next you have to look at the highest place value first. So if you have thousands, you have to check how many thousands.

4,801 and 2,016

When comparing these two numbers, one has a 4 in the thousands and the other has a 2, so 4,801 must be bigger.

3. If the numbers in the thousands are the same, you have to look at the hundreds.

5,309 and 5,729

Both numbers had a 5 in the thousands, but one has 3 hundreds and the other has 7 hundreds. So that means that 5,729 is bigger.

4. If both the thousands and the hundreds are the same, we look at the tens.

8,732 and 8,710

Both numbers had a 8 in the thousands and a 7 in the hundreds, but one has 1 ten and the other has 3 tens. So 8,732 is the bigger number.

5. If the thousands, hundreds and tens are the same, we check the ones.

6,234 and 6,239

Both numbers have 6 thousands, 2 hundreds, and 3 tens, but one has 9 ones and the other number has 4 ones. So 6,239 is the bigger number.

Here’s a video of the number line we made with our numbers!

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