The NED Show

Today JAS went to watch the NED Show. The NED Show is all about teaching kids to never give up, encourage others and do your best. The man told us a story about Ned and while he was telling us the story he did lots of amazing tricks with a yo-yo.

To become a champion at school or outside of school, you need to never give up when things get a little hard or you don’t know what to do. You also need to encourage others because if you treat people how you want to be treated, they’ll treat you back in the same way. By encouraging others, we make other people happy which then makes us happy. Finally, you always need to do your best because it can help us learn. We need to remember that even when we make a mistake we can learn from it, fix it up and keep trying. We all make mistakes and that what helps us learn.

Here is a link for you to check out and learn some cool yo-yo tricks for yourself!

Fill Your Bucket Song!

Next Friday, 13th March, JAS will be performing a song at assembly. It would be great to see as many family and friends there to cheer the kids on!

Here is a video of the song so the students can practice at home!

Have You Filled Your Bucket Today?

bucket filling classroom

Today we read a book called Have You Filled A Bucket Today? The story taught us about how we all carry an invisible bucket around and when people to nice things to us, it fills our bucket and makes us happy. When we fill someone else’s bucket, we become a bucket filler. But people can also dip into our buckets and make us feel sad when they are not nice to people. These people are bucket dippers.

We have decided that we are going to be a bucket filling classroom and have made our very own buckets that we can help each other fill by being kind and supportive! Here’s our list of things we can do to be bucket fillers:

  1. Let some join in our games
  2. Smile at someone
  3. Say hello to someone
  4. Share our toys with others
  5. Help someone if they need it
  6. Be nice to people
  7. Play together nicely with our friends
  8. Meet and make new friends
  9. Being friendly to people
  10. Say good morning and good afternoon to people
  11. Tell your family you love them
  12. Use our manners
  13. Read books together
  14. Say nice and kind things to people

By filling someone else’s bucket, you also help to fill your own. So we are going to be bucket fillers! What about you?



Here’s a video you can watch to help you learn more about becoming a bucket filler!

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