Fairy Bread Fractions

Last week in Maths we were learning about fractions. A fraction is when you break a whole up into equal parts. To practice making fractions, we made some fairy bread and had to cut them into halves and quarters. To cut the into halves, we cut the piece of bread into 2 equal pieces. To cut the piece of bread into quarters, we had to cut it into 4 equal pieces. After we had cut them up, we got to eat them.


Ordering Numbers

Today in Maths we had to order some numbers that we made yesterday.

1. To order numbers the first thing you have to do is you have to check what the highest place value is, for example the highest place value for the number 2,345 is thousands, but the number 657 has a highest place value of hundreds.

2. Next you have to look at the highest place value first. So if you have thousands, you have to check how many thousands.

4,801 and 2,016

When comparing these two numbers, one has a 4 in the thousands and the other has a 2, so 4,801 must be bigger.

3. If the numbers in the thousands are the same, you have to look at the hundreds.

5,309 and 5,729

Both numbers had a 5 in the thousands, but one has 3 hundreds and the other has 7 hundreds. So that means that 5,729 is bigger.

4. If both the thousands and the hundreds are the same, we look at the tens.

8,732 and 8,710

Both numbers had a 8 in the thousands and a 7 in the hundreds, but one has 1 ten and the other has 3 tens. So 8,732 is the bigger number.

5. If the thousands, hundreds and tens are the same, we check the ones.

6,234 and 6,239

Both numbers have 6 thousands, 2 hundreds, and 3 tens, but one has 9 ones and the other number has 4 ones. So 6,239 is the bigger number.

Here’s a video of the number line we made with our numbers!

Grade 1 Market

Today we held our Grade 1 Market. We sold mars bar slice, chocolate balls and fruit kebabs. Our food was so popular that we sold out of EVERYTHING!

Afterwards, we counted our money to see how much we had made. We made an INCREDIBLE $242! We then had to take out the money to cover the cost of the food we bought, which left us with a profit of $96.60! We were amazed at how well we had done. We are now going to donate that money a charity that we choose.

We really enjoyed the market and being able to handle the money. We would love to thank all the parents and families who came along and bought our food. We would also like to say thank you to the parents who have come in and helped us the last 2 days to make all the food for our stall. We couldn’t have done this without you!


Our Trip to IGA

On Tuesday JAS went to IGA. We bought some groceries for our Grade 1 market. We are making chocolate balls, mars bar slice and fruit kebabs.


For the chocolate balls we had to buy cocoa, coconut, condensed milk, a packet of Marie biscuits, Copha, vanilla essence and patty pans.


The mars bar slice group had to buy rice bubbles, mars bars, butter, a block of milk chocolate and serviettes.


To make the fruit kebabs, we had to buy pineapple, skewers, grapes, strawberries, plates, rock melon, blueberries and watermelon.


Tomorrow we are going to be doing some cooking and making Mars Bar slice and chocolate balls. Then on Thursday we are going to make the fruit kebabs. We will be selling the food to our parents at our Grade 1 market on Thursday. We will be selling the fruit kebabs for $2, the chocolate balls for $1 and the Mars Bar slice for $1. If you’d like to come along, we’d love to see you from 11:30am on Thursday.


Ordering a Lunch Order

In Maths we have been busy learning all about money. We use money all the time and one of the most common places we use money at school is to order a lunch order. So today in Maths, we had a go at writing out a lunch order and placing the right amount of money on the bag. We had lots of different lunches ordered for lots of different amounts. We then got ourselves in a line in order from cheapest to the most expensive. Here is a short video which shows how much we each spent.

All the students did a fantastic job and could now help you with writing out and choosing the money they need for any future lunch orders!

Friends of 10 and Subtraction

Today in Maths we looked at how we can use the Friends of 10 to help us with subtraction. Below are some fun activities you can do at home to practice your friends of 10.

1. How many are missing? To play this game you need a partner. Place 10 items in the middle and take it in turns to one at a time, hide some of the items. The other person has to look at how many are left and guess how many were taken using their friends of 10 facts.

2. Speedy Friends – Make cards with the numbers 0 – 10 on them. You can do this activity with or without a timer. Shuffle the cards and then turn one card over at a time. As quickly as you can, say the friend of 10. If you time yourself, see how quickly you can say all the friends of 10.

3. Go Fish – This game is just like the original game of Go Fish but instead of asking for cards that are the same, you need to ask for the friend of 10 and make pairs of the friends of 10.

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