Mr Poole’s Farm Visit

Tomorrow we are off to visit Mr Poole’s  farm. Here are some important reminders to remember for tomorrow.

We will be leaving school at 12:00pm and having lunch at the farm so it is very important all students have a packed lunch and it would be great if all lunches could be rubbish free so there is no rubbish left on the farm.

All students are encouraged to wear gumboots or old shoes that could possibly get muddy as there has been some rain lately and it is likely there may be some muddy spots on the farm.

We will be returning to school about 3:00pm, in time for the end of the day.



Hello from Thailand!



I thought I would let you know what I’ve been up to since arriving in the beautiful Phuket, Thailand. I sent off a postcard today but it is possible that I will be back at school before it gets to you.

I have been having a fabulous time! We arrived here on Saturday after about 15hrs of travelling (an 8hr flight from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur, 5 and a half hours waiting at the airport for our final 1 and a half hour flight to Phuket). But when we arrived in Phuket and made it through passport control to the baggage claim, we realised our bags were not there!!! They were still back in Kuala Lumpur. Luckily there was a helpful lady who helped us to track down our bags and they were flown later in the day and arrived by 10pm that night.

When we arrived at our resort, we went and did some exploring. While we were walking around, I saw a baby elephant that I got to pat and feed. It was so cute but very hairy! And it really liked eating the bananas and sugar cane the lady gave to us to feed it.

Our first day in Phuket was very relaxing. We went and got a massage, spent some time swimming in the pool and at the beautiful beach before going to the night market to do some shopping. The night market was lots of fun but very hot!!

Today we did some more relaxing. We spent the morning at the beach and then this afternoon I went and had another massage and got my toes painted.

Tomorrow we are off to do a Thai cooking class which I’m really looking forward to. We’re going to learn how to cook a green curry, chicken and cashews and some Thai fried rice. Yum! We’re also going to go into Patong Beach and check out the local shops there. On Wednesday we’re off to see a show with lots of acrobats and animals performing amazing tricks. I think it will be lots of fun. Thursday we’re going to do a boat tour of the islands near Phuket. We get do go snorkelling and explore some different beaches which will be fun! On Friday, I’m going to go for a tour on elephants (we get to ride the elephants and go sight seeing at the same time!) so I’ll make sure I take some photos to bring back and share with you! And then it’ll be Saturday and time to come home!

I hope you are all having a good time with Mr V and I’ll see you next Wednesday where I’ll be able to tell you all about my trip!

Miss Symons

Junior Dance Showcase

On Thursday 22nd of October, the Grade 1 students will be putting on a dance showcase in the hall to share the dances that they have been working hard on learning during term 3 and 4. Parents are invited to attend and I know the students would love to have you all there, so please pencil this in your diaries. The dance showcase will begin at 12:20pm and go for about an hour and will be held in the hall.

We hope to see you then.


Library Tomorrow!

Don’t forget that our specialist timetable has changed this term and we will be having library first up tomorrow, Tuesday 6th. It’d be great to see all students with a library bag (a plastic bag or a supermarket bag are great options if you don’t want to buy one) so they can all be taking home books to enjoy reading at home. Also, don’t forget to check your house for any library books that were borrowed before the holidays and bring them back ready for library tomorrow.


Holiday Photos

Tomorrow we will be starting to make our holiday movies so it would be great if all students could please make sure they have some photos of their holidays at school tomorrow.



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