Russell The Sheep

We have been working on reading fluently. Fluent readers read smoothly in phrases, use expression and put on character voices for different characters. We have been reading the story Russell the Sheep in class and we decided to make a video of us reading the story.

You can check it out here and see how we went with reading fluently.


Singing in Phrases!

Today we were practicing reading in phrases. It was lots of fun, especially when we got to turn books in to songs. When we sing, we sing in phrases so we thought it would be fun to try and sing our books to help us with phrasing. Some people were brave enough to share their books with the class and have let Miss Symons take a video of them to share with you all. Enjoy!


Library Books

Some students forgot to bring their library bags today so if they would like to borrow books for the holidays, they can bring their library bag to school tomorrow and they will have a chance to borrow.


Compound Words!

Today in spelling we learnt about compound words. Compound words are when you take 2 words and put them together to make 1 word. Here’s a video you can watch and sing along to to help you learn some compound words.

I would like everyone to share a compound word you know in the comments below. Let’s see how many compound words we can think of!!!!

Book Week!

Today we had our Book Week dress up day. It was great to see everyone dressed up as their favourite book character. To start off the day we had a fashion parade where the whole school got to show off their costumes. Here are some pictures of us all. Can you guess which book characters we are?


Real Independent Reading!

In Reading this week we have been talking about what Real Independent Reading is and this is what we came up with.


Real Independent Reading is…

1. reading Just Right books.

2. reading books we are interested in.

3. reading on your own.

4. reading for the whole time.

5. reading quietly to yourself.

6. reading all the pages and looking at the pictures, not just flipping through the pages.

7. sitting in a place by yourself.

8. practicing your reading goal to get better at reading.

9. not day dreaming or staring off into space.

10. using your imagination when reading.

11. fun!

Have a look at the students in JAS who are reading and see if they are doing these things and being super readers!

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