Reading Strategies to Use at Home With Your Child

Reading Prompts (for when your child is stuck on a word):

  1. Try that again
  2. Look at the picture
  3. What sound does the first letter make?
  4. Check it! Does it look right and sound right to you?
  5. Try reading the sentence quickly
  6. Have a guess! Does that look right and make sense?

Remember to make reading time a fun time!

The more you read, the more you know. The more you know, the more you grow.


Questions to Ask Your Child About a Book – from easy to hard!

Level 1

What is it?

Show me a…

Find one like this…

Level 2

What is s/he doing?

Tell me its… (colour, size, shape etc)

Where is… in the story?

What things… (can fly)?

Level 3

Retell the story.

Find one that is… and…

How did they (make the cake?)

What could s/he say or be thinking?

What will happen next?

What else… (flies)?

Level 4

What would you do if… ?

Why can’t we… (swim in the pool)?

What could s/he do?

What made it happen?

How can we tell… (it will rain)?

Why will … (she have to go)?

Why wouldn’t … (the boy run)?




Buddy Reading

Thursday mornings are our buddy reading morning. We are very lucky to have our buddies come and visit us once a week and participate in reading with us. Here’s some pictures from our very first buddy reading morning!


IMG_0344  IMG_0347


Helping Your Child With Comprehension

It is important that when your child reads a book, they are able to understand what they have read. Here are some comprehension questions that you can ask your child to help develop their comprehension skills.

Questions to ask your child before, during and after reading:
* What do you think will happen in the story?
* What do you think will happen next?
* What happened in the story?
* Who was the main character?
* Why do you think _______________ happened?
* How did __________ feel when _____________ happened?


Reading Strategies You Can Use At Home!

Here are some helpful strategies you can use with your child to help them with their reading at home.


1. Eagle Eye

Look at the pictures to help work out an unknown word.


2. Lips the Fish

Get your lips ready. Say the first few sounds. Read to the end of the sentence and say it again.


3. Stretchy Snake

Stretch it out. Stretch the word slowly. Put the sounds together.


4. Skippy Frog  

Skip it, Hop Back! Skip the word. Read to the end of the sentence. Hop back and read it again.


5. Chunky Monkey

Chunk the word. Look for a chunk you know (e.g. at, an, sh, ch etc). Look for a word part (e.g. ing, ed).


6. Flip the Dolphin

Flip the vowel. Try the short sound vowel. Try the long vowel sound.


7. Tryin’ Lion

Try it again. Try to re-read the sentence. Try a word that makes sense.


8. Helpful Hippo

Ask for help! Ask for help after you have tried all these strategies.


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