Creative Writing Challenge Week 7!

Well done to everyone who posted a piece of writing about Remembrance Day. They were all great pieces of writing that I just couldn’t choose a winner!

Here’s your newest creative writing challenge. Good luck!



2 more sleeps until our Junior School Sleepover! Here are a few reminders of what you need to bring and what we will be getting up to!

All Grade 1 students need to BACK AT SCHOOL BY 4:45PM so that they can put their sleeping gear in their classroom and be ready to board the bus to Giggle and Wriggle at 5pm. We will then spend about an hour at Giggle and Wriggle before returning to school for a BBQ dinner. After dinner there will be time for students to set up their beds and pull on the PJ’s, ready for our Grade 1 and 2 disco! Once the disco is over, it’ll be back to rooms for supper, teeth, a movie and then BED!

In the morning, students will be woken up by 7am so they can get dressed and have breakfast. Either before or after breakfast, students will have the chance to pack up their bedding and do a few activities before parents come and collect them.

ALL STUDENTS MUST BE PICKED UP BY 9AM! There will be no classes running on the Friday as both students and teachers will need some time to recover!

Any parents who are helping out with dinner or breakfast need to be at school by 5:30pm (dinner) or 7am (breakfast). I really appreciate your help with getting these meals organised and we couldn’t do it without your help so thank you very much!

What to Bring:

* Bedding – mattress, pillow and either a sleeping bag or sheet/blanket

* Pyjamas

* A change of clothes for Friday including comfortable shoes (runners preferred)

* Kitchenware – cup, mug and spoon (to be used to eat breakfast)

* Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, face washer

* Teddy – for anyone who likes to cuddly up to their furry friend at night time

* Book – for reading in the morning if they are an early riser!

ALL STUDENTS CLOTHING, TOILETRIES, KITCHENWARE and BEDDING MUST BE CLEARLY NAMED!!! (As this makes our job of returning lost items a much quicker and easier one!)

We are looking forward to a great night!


Fairy Bread Fractions

Who knew learning about fractions could be so much fun! This week we’ve been learning about what a fraction is. We now know that when you break a whole into equal parts, you’ve made fractions. To practice, we made some fairy bread and cut it into halves and quarters. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

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