This week we have been learning about ANZAC Day and why it is an important day in Australian history. Below are some comments from the students about what they have learnt.


First Week Back!

We have now been back at school for a whole week! Below in the comments are some of the things we have done and learnt during the week.

Creative Writing

Today in writing we used our imaginations to create stories. We had to try and use these words: pretend, adventure, enormous, abandoned and exciting. Here are some of our stories for you to read!

Pretend I am a pirate and I am going on an adventure around the world. But an enormous monster stopped me so I abandoned my ship. I found some treasure. It was exciting to find some treasure.

~ By Hayden              pirate


I was going to go on an enormous adventure but it was raining!

~ By Riley                        rain


I’m going on an adventure today! I saw an enormous ship and it was abandoned. I pretended to be a pirate. It was exciting. I found a starfish and treasure!!! I found a castle. I slept there and I became a princess. I asked for dessert. I asked for my crown and I asked for my make-up. I love adventures.

~ By Bonnie                  castle


Today Grug is going on an adventure. He will have to go on a ship. The ship is sinking. He will need to abandon the ship!

~ By Aiden                                        grug



~ By Jurxhin and Dylan

Speed Writing

Today in writing we did some speed writing. Here is some of the work we wrote.



Summer is hot. It can rain in summer. Summer can be a name or a seaon. In summer you can go to the pool.

~ By Matilda


It is so, so hot in summer so I swam in my pool.

~ By Rebekah



At school we have computers and we got to use them today.

~ Jackson


School is very, very fun. Today at school I had Twisties in my lunchbox. I wish we never went home.

~ Aiden



I like going on adventures around the world. Sometimes there are monsters!

~ Hayden


Today I had an adventure. My cat can whisper. I never knew that my cat could whisper. My cat whispered to me that it wanted to go home. I love adventures.

~ Gabbie

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