Back into it!

There were lots of interested projects happening in Inquiry today. There were Minecraft swords being made, castles being built, lots of craft taking place in the collage area and even a model car being made. Here are some pictures of what was happening so you can see what was going on!



Library Tomorrow!

Don’t forget that our specialist timetable has changed this term and we will be having library first up tomorrow, Tuesday 6th. It’d be great to see all students with a library bag (a plastic bag or a supermarket bag are great options if you don’t want to buy one) so they can all be taking home books to enjoy reading at home. Also, don’t forget to check your house for any library books that were borrowed before the holidays and bring them back ready for library tomorrow.


Holiday Photos

Tomorrow we will be starting to make our holiday movies so it would be great if all students could please make sure they have some photos of their holidays at school tomorrow.




Just a reminder that for term 4, all students are required to have a hat to be able to play outside. No hat, no play! So please make sure you are sending your child to school this week with a hat that is CLEARLY NAMED so that they are ready for the term and if it is clearly named, the hat should hopefully not get lost.


Happy Holidays!

I can’t believe we’re at the end of Term 3 already! It has been such a busy and jam packed term with lots of learning happening and extra-curricular activities like the Melbourne Excursion, Music is Fun, Athletics Day, The NED Show, Book Week and the Grade 1 Market. I think we will all need these holidays to recover and recharge the batteries for a big last term!

I hope all JAS families have a fantastic, relaxing and safe holiday and I can’t wait to hear and see the pictures of what you all get up to next term.


Grade 1 Market

Today we held our Grade 1 Market. We sold mars bar slice, chocolate balls and fruit kebabs. Our food was so popular that we sold out of EVERYTHING!

Afterwards, we counted our money to see how much we had made. We made an INCREDIBLE $242! We then had to take out the money to cover the cost of the food we bought, which left us with a profit of $96.60! We were amazed at how well we had done. We are now going to donate that money a charity that we choose.

We really enjoyed the market and being able to handle the money. We would love to thank all the parents and families who came along and bought our food. We would also like to say thank you to the parents who have come in and helped us the last 2 days to make all the food for our stall. We couldn’t have done this without you!


Library Books

Some students forgot to bring their library bags today so if they would like to borrow books for the holidays, they can bring their library bag to school tomorrow and they will have a chance to borrow.


Specialist Timetable for Term 4!

As of next term, our specialist timetable will completely change. Below is the next timetable of when we have each specialist. Please put this up somewhere at home so the students know when to bring along their library bags.






8:55 – 9:55



2:15 – 315


Creative Arts

9:55 – 10:55



11:20 – 12:20




Holiday Photos

At the start of next term, we are going to be making mini movies about our holidays. If you could please take some photos over the holidays of what you get up to and have them printed off to bring in the first week back, it would be much appreciated. The students will then be sharing these videos on their blogs so keep an eye out for them early next term!


Fruity Friday

We are on cutting up fruit for fruity Friday this week (Friday 18th September). So if there are any parents who can hang around on Friday morning to help cut up fruit, it would be much appreciated!


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